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Western Carolina

This is the first time we have spent some of our summer in the mountains of North Carolina and it has been glorious. Lovely warm days with plenty of sun and little rain, and cool nights perfect for sleeping. Flowers are everywhere and the trees are full of deep green leaves.

Waynesville has a thriving little "downtown" area with boutique gift & art stores, antique shops, cafes & eateries and a tiny movie theatre. As we were strolling around we heard several rounds of cheering from a nearby bar and realized they were watching the women's World Cup soccer games, so we hurried over to watch our awesome USA ladies finish off England while Susie enjoyed a margarita.

Later that weekend we spent some time in Asheville where Kelsey showed us around the tasting bar for Cultivated Cocktails. My favorite is the coffee liqueur, but they also produce their own brands of gin, rum & other spirits. We wandered around the area and hung out at the drum circle for a while, which was just getting warmed up with a good crowd in attendance. Some delicious Mediterranean food fortified us for a bit more walking, with background music provided by a competent jazz pianist on the street corner. Afterwards we enjoyed a calming respite in a meditation garden next door to Cultivated Cocktails. Asheville always has something going on and it was bustling this Friday eve in July.

Thank you so much to Kelsey & Jazz for letting us enjoy your wonderful home for this time. We have really enjoyed every minute hanging out, walking with the dogs, fishing and just enjoying life. We hope to see you again very soon.

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