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Pet & House Sitting

Sami and Chloe - 2 sweet puppies

Let Your Pets Enjoy Your Vacation as Much as You

When you engage us to care for your furry friends at your home while you travel, you can be assured that we will be enjoying their companionship as if they were our own. 

If you have no pets, but would like the comfort of having someone care for your plants and watch your home - we can make that happen.

Pet sitting in Portugal for two lovely dogs

We are life-long pet owners/lovers and now full time travelers. Spending time with your lovely pets allows us to interact with many new wonderful animals, as well as reducing our lodging expenses, at no cost to you.

Review from Tokyo, Japan - 2023

Susie and Bill did a wonderful job house sitting while we were away for 5 weeks. They are highly communicative and left the house spotless when they left. I would highly recommend them!!

Patches is one of our favorite dog sits

Review from San Pedro,

Belize - 2022

Bil & Susie Click did a wonderful job taking care of our dog, Patches. We were gone from our condo in San Pedro, Belize for six (6) weeks. It was impossible to find a dog-sitter for that amount of time before we left. We saw Bil & Susie’s post about taking care of homes, pets, plants, pools, landscaping, and more. We called them right away to see if they had our dates available. They did! After interviewing them on the phone, we also read their recommendations and blogs. They travelled to our condo the day before we left and spent the night with us. We showed them around the island – grocery, gas station and other stores they might need. During our time away from Patches, Susie called us, sent photos and videos of Patches to let us know how our sweetie was doing. Patches was very happy!! When we returned, the condo was spotless! Our dog was happy to see us, but she was well taken care of. Our neighbors told us how nice Bil & Susie were to Patches. Our neighbors enjoyed Bil & Susie, too! We would certainly recommend Bil & Susie Click to anyone who might need their services. We cannot wait to invite them here again in the future to care for Patches!

Review from Ajijic, Mexico - 2022

Susie and Bil Click were my house and pet sitters from June 23 to July 6, 2022 and I can recommend them highly. I have six dogs of varying shapes and sizes, and they cared for five of them. The minute they met them, they immediately made friends with them. I was able to fully enjoy my time away knowing that my dogs and house were in good hands. They took the dogs on long walks and it was apparent when I came home that the dogs had enjoyed some special time, with loads of affection and attention. I received regular updates with photos, which always warmed my heart. You could tell that they had bonded! When I returned home the house was spotless and I received a heartfelt welcome from both my dogs and them. It has to be said – I think the possibility of dog treats in my luggage was the only thing that distracted them from their new loves. My dogs basked in the attention they received. Before closing, I must relate a very special example of house sitters going above and beyond what is requested. After over an hour of standing in line at the airport on my day of departure, I was advised that I couldn’t board my flight to Spain without my original vaccine certificates. A quick call home settled that. The two of them jumped in the car with the documents, drove to the airport (the first time ever driving there!) and made sure that I had them to check in and board my flight. They saved my vacation! Awesome is an understatement of my impression of them. I would gladly have them as house/pet sitters again and I can highly recommend them. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

Puppy kisses!

Review from Miami Beach,

Florida - 2021

Susie and Bill house and dog sat for me for a week over Thanksgiving. A lovely couple, they left the dogs happy and the house pristine. I would be delighted to have them sit for me again.

Puppy sitting in Florida

Review from Zurich,

Switzerland - 2021

Susie and Bil were extraordinary! We had videocalls before agreeing on the sitting and they came few hours earlier to meet us and our little Moka. The communication was perfect and we felt very safe leaving Moka with them. While we were away we kept in touch and we always received pictures and video of our little boy. Unsurprisingly, he was a bit upset when they left, a sign that he grew attached to Susie and Bil. Susie and Bil left our home spotless and took care of our plants. Could not recommend them enough!!! Thank you Susie and Bil, we were so happy to have met you :) hope to see you in Florida (or in Switzerland again) one day!

Review from Roatan,

Honduras - 2022

Bil & Susie Click did an amazing job taking care of my two dogs, Suzy and Beau, on the beautiful island of Roatan. I had two weddings in the US that were about 6 weeks apart in August/September of 2022 and needed a long-term dog/house sitting arrangement. I found Bil & Susie on Trusted House Sitters website. They posted about their adventures around the world and not just taking care of your pets, but your home as well. Susie, Bil and I did a couple of phone video calls to talk and get to know one another. Their recommendations were gleaming and they were interested in coming to Roatan as they are active scuba divers. Roatan is a very small island with no boarding facilities and few dog sitters. The few local pet sitters are often taking care of multiple pets at the same time leaving them alone in your home only to come be to attend to their needs during the day. This was not an option for me. My Suzy was an old lady at the time, 15 1/2 and had arthritis making walking difficult and was at the age of needing diapers in the event she couldn’t get out the door quick enough. Beau has a rare disease that requires special food, medication, and ointment application. His diet is very strict, and he absolutely could not stop it for any reason. We agreed they would arrive 2 days early. This gave them time to meet and understand the care the dogs need. Additionally, I was able to show them around the island to key places, my vet on the island, groceries, banks, medical facilities, etc. We shared meals and instantly connected. As my home was brand new, I made sure they had my builder contact information in the event of any issue, as well as the maintenance staff for the yard and pool. I gave them access to my car while I was away as well so that they could have the freedom to explore without any added rental car expenses. As they drove me to the airport to leave, I felt extremely confident that they were going to do a great job and take care of my dogs and my new home. During my time away Susie called me and we video chatted. I received photos and videos to let us know how well the dogs were doing. They were certainly being showered with the love and attention I so wanted. There was also a time when my Beau’s special dog food ran low, I thought I had purchased enough for the entire stay, but clearly, I miscalculated. Susie and Bil did not hesitate to go to the vet office and obtaining the food. I would hire Susie and Bil without hesitation if the need arises again. I returned home to happy dogs and a clean house just as I left it. I encourage you to check out their website, for more information. They are amazing explorers and always looking for new places to travel and cozy homes and friendly animals to make their stays rewarding! Sincerely, a very happy customer!

Look at this beautiful Bengal kitty
Meow...cats need love too

Review from Charlotte,

North Carolina - 2021

What an amazing couple! Apprehensive about traveling during a pandemic, as a nurse, has prevented me from taking many trips. With that worry and the worry of who is looking after my entire world at home, Susie and Bil allowed me the luxury of not worrying about my fur babies and home. I was able to concentrate on keeping myself safe and well as I traveled to see family after Christmas. Daily photos, videos and texts kept my mind at ease. When I returned home, my house was just like I left it and my fur babies acted like I was merely getting home from work. Our routine resumed as if I was never gone. I would not only have them back; I would recommend them to anyone who needs caring and trustworthy individuals to house/pet sit. If I could give them 10 stars, I would.

This fluffy puppy was so loving
Awwww...can I be your friend?

Review from Hobe Sound,

Florida - 2021

They are both beyond great! Susie and Bill are truly lovely people. I wished I could have stayed home and hung out with them. My pets were loved and well cared for and my house was very clean when I got home. I have been doing Trusted Housesitters for over 4 years and they are one of my favorites. I would have them back anytime!

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