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Burning Man - 2016

My sister Jeane & husband Dave attended Burning Man many consecutive years when it had recently moved to the desert. I loved hearing about it and finally had the opportunity to go in 2016. Susie & I flew to their home in Fremont, CA where they had prepped their nice RV and four "burner bikes" with appropriate BM decorations, lights & supplies.

Burning Man is a temporary community of 70,000 souls constructed in the middle of a very hot & dusty desert in Nevada. You must bring everything you need to survive, and take it all out when you leave. RV "camping" is pretty luxurious compared to most burners living in a variety of tents and shelters, but we had playa dust embedded in every pore by the 2nd day. Goggles and face masks were required much of the time.

The art installations were absolutely incredible! Gigantic pieces that took weeks to assemble featuring animation, intricate lighting and lots of fire. Mutant Vehicles (aka Art Cars) were traveling slowly around the playa, from the size of a golf cart to an converted semi big-rig that might look like a dragon, breathing real flames, blasting out EDM music at 120 db, with 30 people dancing on the top deck!

No description can do it justice. Make it a point to experience this event while it still exists. You will thank me later!


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