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Party in Petaluma

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

While the rest of the country was sweltering in a triple digit heatwave, the Rivertown Revival in Petaluma was enjoying a glorious summer day in the low 80s. Celebrating 10 years of festivities so we can all join together in communion to spread the word about conservation, community, artistry, music and old-timey fun for the whole family. Much of the proceeds go to conservation efforts helping the Petaluma River, running past the park.

The event promotors invited guests to please join us dressed as yourself or any zany, odd, beautiful, ugly or avant-garde character you see fit. There were a few zany outfits but the overall theme was Steampunk and many folks embraced the idea, greatly adding to the atmosphere. I have always enjoyed being part of the overall scene by sporting unusual hats & clothes, but we have a limited amount these days!

As we strolled along the entrance path we saw various art - from a few simple paintings to sculptures and interactive displays, like a huge see-saw and a set of hanging drums made from propane tanks. There was a large kids area with many hands-on activities, involving lots of water.

Wine, beer, lemonade and free water were available, as well as several food booths. The Vietnamese Noodle Salad and the Paella were both very tasty. The Magical, Magnetized Water looked interesting but we took a pass on that!

There were about 15 musical acts spread over 3 stages and we watched quite a few. Several of them were very good. The Billie Holiday Project from the Bay Area brings back the electric and intimate feeling of seeing Lady Day live in a 1930’s Jazz Club. Stella Heath has an excellent, sultry voice and everyone in the band is up to speed. Great set - too short.

Intuitive Compass combines the diverse talents of song writer and guitar pioneer, Jason Dea West, and old time circus freak and accordionist, Aurelia Anne Cohen. Purveyors of “Original Western Folk Music”, they offer a timeless sound, which evokes a musical America of the past without ever sounding dated. Based in southern Oregon.

My fav was Snaps for Sinners. The RR website sez: "Snaps for Sinners is a fiery blend of hot club swing and rockabilly shenanigans that leaves audiences gasping for breath." I may not have been gasping but I was on my feet moving to their infectious groove. Good harmonies and balance, with plenty of drive. Recently moved from the Bay Area to Springfield, Mo! (my sister's Alma Mater)

Overall it was a wonderful day. Highly recommended for anyone in the area next July.​

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