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First Flight

It sounded so easy & fun when we first talked about it. Taking off to see the wide world with nothing but what will fit in the backpacks on our backs. We have left a few (or more!) items at every stop since leaving the house, but have been traveling by auto with a couple of extra bags & boxes – and loose items – and…

But now we are taking our first flight from Raleigh to San Jose and the harsh restrictions of airplane travel are forced upon us. This economy fare does not provide for free carry-ons so we have checked 2 large backpacks, which are crammed to the gills. Our two small daypacks are likewise full to bursting.


has done extensive research on traveling backpacks and we now have 2 different brands: Osprey & Eagle Creek. Both have a small daypack that clips onto the main backpack. My 2 packs weigh in at about 10 lbs & 20 lbs, and Susie’s are close to the same. My small daypack is pretty much filled with my toiletries bag & electronics: Surface Pro laptop, Kindle & assorted charges, converters and cables. It is becoming increasingly obvious that more will have jettisoned soon!

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