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Beatles in Mexico?

The Beatles crossing Abbey Road
Abbey Road? In Mazatlán?

So, what is the connection between the Beatles and Mazatlán?

That was the first thing that popped into our pea-brains when we pulled up to our beach front condo, right next to…Liverpool Alley! This block-long walking street features full-sized bronze statues of the Fab Four in their iconic pose, crossing Abbey Road.

How many Beatles can you fit in here?
Mini Cooper

Liverpool Alley turns out to be a very popular spot, often crowded with people taking photos with the Beatles. Many tour operators and drivers stop here for their customers to check it out.

Behind the statues is a life-size (?) replica of an old Mini Cooper – decked out with a Union Jack paint scheme.

Just in case Pete Best is feeling left out, there is a large plaque on the south wall providing a short biography (in Español) of the “5th Beatle”.

Actually, these doors never open!
Doors Open at 11 PM...

There are also two of the famous red British “Telephone Boxes”, one at each end of the alley. (Doctor Who was nowhere to be found) The south side features the entrance to the famous Cavern Club, with posters advertising the Beatles and other acts that performed at this popular venue in Liverpool, UK.

Completing the British Invasion atmosphere is a bright Yellow Submarine – guaranteed to stick an earworm of Ringo’s voice in your head for days!

So, what is the connection? Absolutely nothing!

Or to be more accurate, just a marketing scheme by a Mazatlán politician in 2021 to draw more European tourists to this lovely seaside town. I’m a-thinking it is working, though most visitors are Mexican nationals.

Despite The Beatles never performing in Mexico, they remain a popular group on current radio stations, and many Beatles tribute band perform across the country. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have sold out several shows each since the Beatles broke up, with thousand of fans showing up to keep the legacy alive.

Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine!
We All Live in a Yellow Submarine!

Check out more Beatles & Mazatlán photos here!

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