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Farewell to NCID

It was not long after I moved to NC in 1998 that I began doing work for Lee Lloyd. He had partnered up with my then-current networking employer to start a business selling NC court records. I started working on 4NCrecords as a junior programmer & database admin. Couple of years later I was back in Florida running a rack of servers and CourtLogic was a major player in NC data & background screening.

Lee & I became great friends while sharing a love of the outdoors, water skiing, music, and partying in general! We had many great times taking our kids out skiing & wake boarding, and going out with the gang from the office after a long week of work. After retiring this spring I will miss all the great people at NCID, but not the times I had to get up at 3am to fix a recalcitrant server or correct some bonehead problem perpetrated upon us by the NC court system! Miss you & love you Lee, Sarah, Anita, & everyone.

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