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Chillin' in the Mountains

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Felt a little weird to be driving to North Carolina without any kids or dogs in the car. Traffic was moving all the way so even with a late start we arrived by nightfall. It is really great to see Kelsey & Jazz again and be welcomed into their comfy townhouse. Susie was especially happy to see Lucy again - love that black dog!

Jazz is working at a YMCA adventure day camp for tweeners this summer, which is right up his alley. Kelsey is helping a local distillery get started with a variety of skills in hospitality. Her dog Hazel has become best buds with Lucy.

Jazz & I wasted no time getting off on a fishing expedition, taking I-40 just over the Tennessee border to fish in the Pigeon River. It was running a bit muddy with lots of rafters making their evening run. We caught a couple small trout & rock bass, then moved to a smaller tributary that was colder & clear. One more small brookie, but a nice evening with fireflies twinkling in the woods.

Friday Susie & I hung out while the local thrift store delivered a washer & dryer and hooked it up. Then we took the dogs over to the park below Junaluska Dam to frolic and run around. When Jazz got off work we headed back to a dock on the lake to do some fishing, catching several nice bass, one of which may have been his personal best at 4 or 5 pounds, on a live night crawler!

Next day Kelsey had to work so Jazz, Susie & I took the dogs for a 2.2 mile walk around the lake. Most of the properties seem to be owned by the church group that manages the lake, and are well maintained with beautiful gardens and landscaping. The walking is really helping stretch the muscles around Susie's new hip and she is feeling better every day. Truly an amazing woman!

Later in the afternoon we drove south to fish a smaller branch of the Pigeon River. Found some pretty spots but it was quite busy with many folks out fishing and camping. Luckily I had my license when 17 year old "Ranger Rick" pulled up to check.

Sunday was a day of rest so Jazz & Kelsey slept until noon, when Susie made a yummy brunch of chicken & waffles! Jazz drove us to Biltmore Village where we did some window shopping at Orvis & REI, and then went to see Rocketman - which we all thoroughly enjoyed! Susie has seen Elton John a couple of times.

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