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Beautiful Beaches - Part 1

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Susie thought we should get some exercise as well as more beach time, so we found a secluded area on the Kona Coast called Makalawena Beach. Jacob and his friend Maile joined us to explore this wonderful area. Leaving Hwy 19 around the 90 mile marker we drove down an extremely rough 2 mile road that was mostly rock and lava stone, to a small parking lot close to the shoreline. The lot was quite full for a Monday morning and most folks were on the nearby beach.

But the area we were looking for was a bit farther north, so we donned our backpacks and set off on the 2 mile hike towards Makalawena. The path was fairly level with mostly loose lava rocks and stones, winding through a lava flow from many years ago. The crystal clear ocean was to our left and the lava fields to our right, with the ever-present rain clouds cloaking the mountains inland.

By the time we reached the beach everyone was ready for a short break from the 90 degree sun so we enjoyed the shade of some lovely palms while eating some subs. The ocean water was absolutely gorgeous, with colors ranging from turquoise, to aquamarine, to dark blue in the deeper water - all accented by the white spray as the waves crashed against the lava rocks scattered along the shore.

Ready to get wet we waded into the waves between the rocky points and found the water to be warm and clear. The bottom dropped off fairly quickly where I entered so I did not have to go out very far to be swimming, with a noticeable current running to the north. No lifeguards out here so use some common sense when swimming or surfing. There were a few other groups along this area who had also ventured down the lava trail.

The Hawaiian sun is pretty strong here, even for this Florida guy, so it was about time to pack up and mosey on back to the vehicle, while still admiring the awesome beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Anyone visiting the west side of the Big Island that would like an area not crowded with tour buses and cruise ships should check out Makalawena Beach. It will give you a feel for what it was like here 100 years ago.

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