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Mondo Simplify

I have been hearing this mantra from my wife and daughter for years: we need to simplify! De-clutter the house. Apparently there are books, TV shows & personalities devoted to this topic. After being a home owner & parent for many years, with many interests of my own I (we) have accumulated a whole lotta stuff! Much of it is used for activities like fishing, skiing, playing music, etc., plus the usual furniture, decorations, etc. And then there are the boxes and boxes of stuff in the attic that has not been opened since the last move - or the one before that!

So when we decided to sell the house and travel we were faced with a huge amount of STUFF to dispose of. Jazz & Kelsey were setting up a townhouse in NC so they were able to use some furniture and household goods. But neither he nor Skylar were much interested in keeping any of the tons of school papers, pictures, old toys & knick-knacks.

After 2 yard sales, many trips to various thrift stores, several trailer loads to the county dump, and "gifts" to many friends, we have pared our worldly possessions down to an 8' x 10' storage space and what will fit in our 2 backpacks. Whew.

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